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For over 25 years, Fero Construction has been building and renovating homes and commercial buildings in the Peace Country.

The team at Fero Construction is well versed in all aspects of residential and commercial construction. From the planning and design phase, through construction and finishing to lockup, every step receives the attention to detail that makes every Fero project a quality job...start to finish.


A key feature of any Fero Construction job and something that makes us standout from the rest is our custom designed and a built cabinetry. For over two decades we've installed top quality kitchen, bath, storage, commercial and retail cabinetry made right here in Fort St. John.

Fero Kitchen Cabinets
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Residential | Commercial

Need to construct a new home or duplex? Time to update your existing home? How about a new office building? Shop? Retail establishment?

From the first napkin scribble to the key in the door, the Fero Construction team is with you every step of the way.

Custom CNC & Signs

Fero Construction offers full CNC woodworking services. Everything from custom cabinets and furniture to signs and unique artwork can be milled on our large format CNC routing tables.

And we're not limited to fabricating out of wood! Find out more about our CNC services.

fero construction - custom cnc

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